How to Use Email Marketing to Boost Sales and Expansion for SMEs

One main factor of digital marketing techniques is e-mail marketing, which is regarded as a valuable tool in business even by a huge number of firms.

What is e-mail marketing?

 In the e-commerce business, e-mail marketing represents one of the most effective and profitable digital marketing methods used to promote large and medium-sized private entities. It is also utilized to directly contact clients. Small-scale is using this technology to speak effectively to the public concerning upcoming goods and services development, companies’ successes, promotional campaign, and delivering informative, educational, and non-commercial information. Implementing this in business digital marketing activities, for instance, could assist clients know business new addition. Through an extensive variety of email lists, it also plays an important function in a brand business plan by driving sales, customer acquisition, enhancing brand recognition, strengthening partnerships, building customer loyalty, and retaining users intrigued during sales.


Benefits of E-mail marketing on SMEs

 A society believes that individuals must open their mails fifteen times per day. It symbolizes as one of the greatest entrepreneurial practices because it gives the opportunity to:

Benefits of E-mail marketing on SMEs

Targeted and personalized content: By segregating company demographic, email marketing help businesses to create personalized video advertisements which are sent to right clients. It makes it possible to generate personalization. For example, as a young entrepreneur, one may want to deliver a promotional email to regular users and yet another fresh customer. Customers should be directly communicated to if a SMEs business is a biz operation; however, if a company operates a business-to-business firm, clients are not the primary target market.  Another example of this is a company that produces electrical appliances for households and workplaces, which might significantly boost sales by generating unique marketing messages both for customers and potential customers.


Increased Web Traffic/ Greater ROI

Increased Web Traffic/ Greater ROI: Since emails drive users to company webpage and products, it is indeed a viable tactic for SMEs. A well-known luxury hotel which operates under labels is Marriott Global. Individuals who commute on a regular basis constitute their audience. According to their research study, was to emerge as the world’s favorite tour agency and to attract new travelers through their loyalty scheme to keep individuals infatuated with the brand over lengthy period. As a result, Marriott needed a sales plan to utilize to outperform their opponents and boost their website traffic. They established a mail plan to utilize as a selling point, give discounts and other financial incentives to make a hotel reservation with them, and notify customer to a unique offer they are offering for a given region. If a webpage has an action button which allures people and referrals, return on investment would grow.


seo in email marketing

Consistent SEO: If brands combine marketing automation with some other methods like search engine optimization services, companies will stand a better opportunity of ranking high on targeted keywords. In turn, SEO cohesive vision is increasingly prominent and enables firms to be experts within their respective sectors. Composing message content that attracts customers to business pages becomes a method that integrates SEO and e-mail campaigns. For instance, Scout is a direct-mail advertising firm that focuses on providing email lists containing specific demographic and distributing letters to each and every household. Due to the advantages which once rendered direct marketing more powerful and topical than ever before and have not yet fallen out of vogue, Scout had gathered such a compilation of top mailing firms.


Note: TRADESY VESTIAIRE collective site had seen 700% ROI within a week of sending disused cart e-mails to users who already had products in their carts and yet didn’t complete their transaction. The brand earned a prestigious position on its websites due to its capacity to raise $200.7m of funding after eight cycles and has seventeen shareholders, and therefore is offering 15% off to customers with their initial VESTIAIRE collective order.


How to Use Email Marketing to Enhance Revenue for SMEs

Human resources management can implement e-mail marketing to boost sales using guidelines provided below.

  • Personalization/Discount: Many youngsters utilize marketing automation to advertise their businesses before even setting a quality objective because firms must define whom its potential buyer is and because personalization is crucial in numerous contexts, like service quality, crafting customized content necessitates a thorough satisfaction study of customer behaviour pattern and expectation. In the world of INVESP, e-mail marketing had click rates which are 41% and 29% higher than non-personalized, tailored marketing mails. Through requesting the appropriate individual to register an e-mail list, retailers could research such personalities and develop connection with potential clients. In a bid to achieve this, a simple and effective method to add uniqueness and creativity in the message would be to consider offering a remarkable discount on product and services purchased. For example, in this case, restaurants or luxury clothing company can provide 30% discount on all upcoming orders all through festive period.


  • Goal setting: it is crucial to determine the objective a small-scale business want to achieve using the company email marketing. Commitment, high customer participation, social bonding, and return on investment optimization are all attainable objectives. An industry table is presented below, containing information. Small business owner could offset target for the business with the guidance of this reference.


Graphic source


 Future of E-mail marketing

  • Marketing automation has become feasible due to the network integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, which allow marketers to personalize communication to a target market using consumer intelligence. These technology pieces are upgrading marketing automation via simplifying and refining diverse components in message planning and control. The innovation would make it simple to convey compelling and interactive messages with it public.


  • AI enhances mail segmentation’s capability to split viewers in different categories based on their basic information, whereas MI algorithms is utilized to analyse individual behavioural tendencies. Compassion, Expedia, and Boom train marketing automation software are all expected to be beneficial. Businesses also will be enabled to employ these tools to understand the idea, attitudes, and behaviour of its customers then alter existing email strategies The marketing platform personalizes its content for every user AI and ML algorithms. Lastly, it would maximize engagement rates, tap rates, and subsequently revenues through sending customized personal messages.


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